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Family medicine

Dra. M. Antònia Andreu Sunyer.
Manacor, Mallorca 1977.
Licensed in medicine. Universitat de Barcelona. 2001.
Specialist in Family and Community Medicine. Mallorca 2005.
Master in Acupuncture. Universitat de Barcelona. 2008.

He has been working in private practice in Manacor since 2008.

PERSONAL. Through the Body and Consciousness method of Georges Courchinoux I learned that the human body is the stage. From your own need for balance I learned that the human body is the scene of emotions and the evolutionary process of the soul and marveling at this field I started my studies in Medicine. Upon completing my university medical training and the medical specialty of Family Medicine I attended the studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The look to the East captivated me by its own way of understanding life and human being and health. I incorporated into my life meditation and taichi discovering the art of silence and full consciousness. Later I continued studying a series of therapeutic systems of different cultures and traditions, mainly floral essences, the harmonization of chakras of Hindu tradition, the painting of inspiration as a way of self-knowledge and to this day studying and developing the principles of Quantum Medicine.
The integration of this knowledge allows me to escorting the patients in the understanding of their physical, emotional and spiritual nature and in the joint search of the path to self-healing.


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