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Margalida Salas


Curious to understand people and stories, relationships and creations, arts and processes, I decided to study Psychology in Health Clearance at the University of Barcelona.

Almost simultaneously, I got deeper into art as a therapeutic tool and I studied a Master’s degree in Artistic and Creative Therapies: Art Therapy, Dance Movement Therapy, Musicotherapy and Therapeutic Theatre.

Interested in human training, I studied a Master’s degree in Child Psychology. Shortly after, considering that both family and school are the great influence on children, I took a systematic perspective that at first took me to educate myself in Autodidactic Pedagogy, Learning by Doing and Montessori Pedagogy, among others. I worked for some years driving innovative education projects forward and accompanying in the age of infancy as well as in primary and secondary.

Finally, I opted for the psychological consultation, accompanying both emotional and relational difficulties and learning. Although I trained in Systematic Family and Couples Therapy, I have also been working for some years as a psychologist in Social Services.

Moreover, arts take part in all this process, as I am a dance teacher, dancer and choreographer in musicals and theatre projects, organizing formations and events in this area.

We are innate creators, with all power within us, being aware of so much capacity, as the role we play in each situation, is the path that I accompany, from respect, listening, rhythm and look.


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