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Family Medicine

I am a doctor of medicine graduated from the University of Graz in Austria, then I was fortunate to meet the Dr. Noemi Kempe, biophysical and biosensory specialist, so I specialized in the field of frequencies and bioenergy. I am currently passionate about quantum medicine, psychobiophysics including cellular nutrition, homeopathy, ortho molecular medicine and techniques to balance the mind and emotions.
For many years my mission as a doctor has been to understand patients, not only physically but above all mentally, causally and emotionally. For the diagnosis I use elements of quantum medicine, Voll electro acupuncture, bioresonance and psychomatic energy.
My work aims to take the patient to a state of “well-being”, to know oneself, become aware of your habits to realize their ability to recover and handle their problems, whether of the body, of the mind and / or of its ‘soul’.


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